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2018 - 20th Anniversary

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Contact Us

Open Communications – Easy to do Business Together


We are proud of our past clients, and they are willing to share their experiences with you. Call or Email us for a current list of references.

Please send us an Email with your questions, requests, and/or comments.

bulletRequests for Information        Info@dicken.com
bulletRequests for Services             Sales@dicken.com
bulletAdditional Information         Communications@dicken.com
bulletEmployment Opportunities    HR@dicken.com
bulletInvestor Information             Investment@dicken.com
bulletOur founder and president     Ken-Dicken@dicken.com

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Traditional Contact means

We want to hear from you; please send or call your questions, requests, and/or comments to:

   DICKEN Enterprises, Inc.  

Nearby Louisville Sky Line 2009

Contact Information



4230 Calgary Way

5723 Moser Farm Road

Louisville, KY 40241-2570

Prospect, KY 40059-9575

Mobile: 502-905-1924

Office: 502-327-0151

FAX: 502-327-8566




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