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Client Benefits

Cost-Effective Overhead – Competitive Rates

  1. While consulting in general provides focused human resources to staff, we provide motivated associates due to our unique consulting environment.
  2. Quality people – We are proud of our staff of consultants. All of our associates are of the highest quality of skills and are matched professionally to meet your needs.
  3. Excellent consulting – With the degree of care taken to ensure the appropriate combination of requirements and skills, our consulting engagements result in your full satisfaction.
  4. Competitive Rates – We maintain a cost-effective overhead profile with the majority of our revenue expense being payroll items. And with our associates being paid only for time worked and with their participation in your rate development, we offer reasonable competitive prices for extremely motivated consultants.
  5. Easy to do business with – Our Consulting Services Agreement is simple and automatically renewed annually. We use simple Statement of Work agreements to define the consulting engagement and modify any terms for the assignment. Contract extensions and terminations are executed with letters of notification.


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