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Dicken Entertainment, dba of DICKEN Enterprises, Inc., was established in 2004 by recognizing film making is an entrepreneurial process in a under-served growing market consisting of several thousand independent film makers nationally.

Dicken Entertainment Vision

An investment method catering to the passions of local film makers sponsored by local investors who are managed by a collaborative successful business persons and creative artists using an entrepreneurial methodology designed for project success.  The use of transparency reporting and budgetary sophistication will be a major definitive process agreed prior to acceptance of the production project with local production requirements.


A film festival network will include quarterly festivals through the region and a large annual event using several venues. The network will sponsor entertainment events and be present at every one of them with an outspoken leader, a full time paid staff, and volunteer base which pays a fee to be part of the cool things being done. Education will take center stage in and for the network; lobbying the politicians will be a critical success factor for the network to draw interested film making people to this region for shoots, scripts, funding with a ROI, education, jobs, etc.


Accomplishments and Involvements


In 2011, Dicken Entertainment's founder, co-founded Saunders-Dicken Productions LLC with Robert Saunders, managing director of Saunders Capital Group, LLC a Venture Capital & Private Equity firm, to invest and distribute independent films and to invest in entertainment & media industry start-ups, growth, and expansion firms.  Visit our WEB Site by clicking here.


bulletIn May 2007 Dicken Entertainment's founder, co-founded and accepted the CEO position with Global Entertainment Enterprises, GEE.



In 2006, in cooperation with Vin Morreale, Jr. President of VSM Entertainment, LLC, Kentucky Film Financiers, KFF, was established as an investment group for independent film makers in Kentucky.  Creating a plan for financing Kentucky independent film makers to manage the entire production project and to raise the investment with predefined budgetary monitoring and business reporting, KFF concepts have been reviewed and approved by many film makers and private investors.  While still in the development stages, KFF plans to offer distribution to Kentucky’s successful festival winners.


bulletDeveloping an interest in independent film making and determined to create a business promising environment for both the creative genius and the investor interest, Dicken Entertainment has participated in the Bluegrass Independent Film Festival since its inception in 2005.  We are proud of our association with BIFF and contribute to the growing success of this leading regional film festival in the Southeast by membership on the annual Planning Committee.


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