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  Dicken Properties, a dba of DICKEN Enterprises, Inc.was established in 2005 to serve the real estate market including but not limited to new construction, investment opportunities, unique selling, etc.

Dicken Properties Vision

An opportunistic real estate investment environment in development and/or projects using the proven managerial expertise of the enterprise structure to successfully affect the real estate, hospitality/vacation, and piece of mind industries.

The descriptions below are divided into sections representing:

1 -- Special Properties/Projects

2 -- Residential Developments

SECTION 1 --  Special Properties/Projects



In 2008, Dicken Properties entered into an agreement with Rail Splitter 1833, LLC to assist with the Marketing Assessment, Merchandising Challenges, Historical Significance, and Educational Components of a plaque depicting Abraham Lincoln as The Rail Splitter in 1833.  Prints, signed & unsigned 16" x 23" by artist Bob Schroth, of the plaque are available for purchase.  Contact our offices for more information.  Below are a few Photos of the plaque.

Photo of the entire Plaque.

Close up of cabin with a

high single window for security.

Photo lower right edge with copyright.

Photo lower left edge with the Title.

Close up photos of Abe Lincoln image.


SECTION 2 --  Residential Developments


See our residential houses being offered through our listing realtors below.

Please contact our preferred financial institution below.

       Our Preferred Agents are Tamara Kade and Kim McIntosh 

   Tamara Kade                  Kim McIntosh






For the successful buyer, we provide a single phone number for all your warranty issues through national third party professionals for 10 full years with ProHome and 2-10 Warranty.

First Year Contact        Contact for Years 2 thru 10


Click the Links Below for Details


River Heights Estates, Spencer County, Taylorsville, Kentucky 40071

Click here for information about Spencer County, Taylorsville, Kentucky

Click here for River Heights Estates Deed Restrictions

Click here for Home Buying Guide presented by Kentucky Housing Corporation

     Taylorsville Lake     Boat Dock on Taylorsville Lake


River Heights Estates Enterance off Highway 44


Walkouts with Unfinished Basements - Plumbed for Bath

Click House Picture Below for Details

No longer available 

No longer available

No longer available

 No longer available

 Lot 20      Lot 24     Lot 57     Lot 100

390 River Park Blvd

470 River Park Blvd

33 River Heights Blvd

540 River Park Blvd

1 1/2 Story


1 1/2 Story

1 1/2 Story

2689 Sq. Ft.

2222 Sq. Ft.

2768 Sq. Ft.

2692 Sq. Ft.

1.45 Acres

2.43 Acres with Pond

1.0 Acres

1.0 Acres





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