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Services Offered

Quality People - Excellent Consulting

  1. Consulting Personnel – Our associates come from many different industries, firm sizes, and business disciplines. We offer mature, experienced, business professionals of the highest quality, dedication, commitment, integrity and ethics found anywhere in the consulting industry.
  2. Multiple business disciplines – information systems, finance, accounting, sales & marketing, advertising, and human resources.
  3. Any business industry – including Healthcare, Banking, Transportation, Insurance, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Distribution, etc.
  4. Various technology environments – including Mainframe, Minicomputer, Client/Server, PC, telecommunications, Internet/Intranet, etc.
  5. Any business size – No client’s business is too small or too large for our associates.
  6. From management expertise to technically skilled resources – We offer our client’s firm experienced consultants either from our staff of associates or from our national sub-contractor network.
  7. Multiple technical skills – Our technical skills are matched to our client’s needs and listed by business discipline include but not limited to:
bulletManagement – strategic, project, transitional, planning, implementation coordination, budgeting, process and procedure development, and work flow analysis
bulletInformation Systems – analysis, programming, e-commerce preparations, internet/intranet, and training
bulletFinance – analysis, statistical reporting and projections, and training
bulletAccounting – auditing, general ledger entry, bookkeeping, and training
bulletSales & Marketing – market research, product development, and training
bulletLegal – agreement & contract evaluation and general counsel functions
bulletAdvertising – promotional campaign development, product rollout, and training
bulletHuman Resources – recruiting, interviewing and screening, retention and succession planning, skills assessment, and training



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