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Relationship established with Access Career Group

October 19, 1998

Louisville, KY. – DICKEN Enterprises, Inc. announces that Access Career Group and DICKEN have reached agreement on establishing an affiliate relationship for consulting human resources supply.  Details of the arrangements were not disclosed but Ken Dicken, founder and president of DICKEN, expressed satisfaction with the alliance.

DICKEN provides clients wth managment consultants who are employees of DICKEN,while Access Career Group will provide DICKEN with employee placement services.  "Access is a supplier of our consultants primarily for our Systems Division," Ken Dicken said explaining the relations.  Mr Dicken went on to say, "Access provides systems resources to most of the major corporations in Louisville, and Larry Schremser, Founder and President of Access Career Group, has been a close friend and business associate for many years.  Mr Schremser and his colleges at Access have worked with me on placements throughout my career."

DICKEN Enterprises, Inc. is in the consulting industry specializing in temporary assignments of national quality consulting services, at a competitive rate, to the administrative support business disciplines of client organizations.

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For More Information Contact:

DICKEN Enterprises, Inc.
5723 Moser Farm Road
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Tel: 502-905-1924
FAX: 502-327-8566
Internet: Communications@dicken.com

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