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Company Logo and Corporate Image Defined

September 17, 1998

Louisville, KY. – DICKEN Enterprises, Inc. announced today the completion of its corporate image.  Ken Dicken, founder and president, unveiled the company colors and logo at a private gathering of friends and relatives.  Leading the deisgn and color schemes, R. Dale Piper, a board advisor, was instrumental in the evaluation of several design proposals.

The adoption of maroon as a mature finely aged color of a robust red wine illustrates the aggressive nature Mr. Dicken plans to run the consulting firm.  The light grey brings contrast and continues the emphasis on   maturity with balance.  The enlarged "D" logo demonstrates the breadth of consulting being planned for the enterprise and  the visionary foundation of the consulting environment, maroon in the lower right corner.

"Our goals are to offer the highest quality consulting services to the supporting business disciplines of our client’s business within the DICKEN structure of unique consulting environment.  We believe that this match will greatly influence each consultant’s motivation and focus on their individual assignment."  Mr. Dicken went on to explain, "we price each engagement competitively after thorough evaluation of the needs and skills required by our clients. Only then can the appropriate DICKEN associate be assigned."

DICKEN Enterprises, Inc. is in the consulting industry specializing in temporary assignments of national quality consulting services, at a competitive rate, to the administrative support business disciplines of client organizations.

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For More Information Contact:

DICKEN Enterprises, Inc.
5723 Moser Farm Road
Prospect, KY 40059-0802
Tel: 502-905-1924
FAX: 502-327-8566
Internet: Communications@dicken.com

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