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Announcing ZirMed.com -  The Nation's First Browser Based Claims Medical Service

May 7, 1999

Business First Magazine

LOUISVILLE, Ky.—ZirMed.com, a Kentucky corporation formed early this year, is on track to become the nation’s first company to offer healthcare providers the technology needed to enter and file medical claims data by simply using their Web browser. The much-anticipated advancement gives healthcare practitioners, hospitals and others access to programs via the Internet, avoiding the need to purchase, install and update expensive software and systems.

"ZirMed.com provides the easiest, most inexpensive and technologically advanced way to submit health insurance claims," said John Freeman, executive vice president.

Because ZirMed.com’s multi-platform process (patent pending) is browser based, any subscribing provider can use it with a computer and Internet access. ZirMed.com is also the first service that charges users based on the number of bytes of data encrypted, which trims costs.

ZirMed.com eliminates the Y2K issue and the need to purchase upgrades required for compliance with regulatory changes, such as those contained in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. All information is encrypted to ensure confidentiality. In addition, backup systems have been put in place to provide the reliability needed for such transactions.

"ZirMed.com is an intelligent choice for the claims filing needs of all healthcare practitioners," Freeman said. "However, small- and medium-sized providers and rural hospitals will especially benefit from our service.

"That’s because the costs of most systems have been out of reach for them. Many smaller providers are still using the old-fashioned, soon-to-be-obsolete paper method of filing claims. Switching to ZirMed.com now allows them to use the most technologically advanced system around."

Headquartered in Louisville, ZirMed.com was organized in February 1999 and has since worked to put the proper systems and people in place to provide its unique service to healthcare providers. ZirMed.com now is aggressively building its customer base nationwide. Beginning June 1, ZirMed.com will provide browser-based claims filing service to its customers. Additional services, such as eligibility and referrals, scheduling, electronic patient records, billing and prescriptions via the Internet will be available in the near future.

ZirMed.com has formed strategic alliances with key businesses and organizations in Kentucky and across the nation.

"We have been fortunate to attract exceptional talent through strategic hiring and collaborative relationships," Freeman said. "The Telecommunications Research Center and Greater Louisville Inc. have been an invaluable resource and support for us."

DICKEN Enterprises, Inc., a national consulting firm that is also based in Louisville has provided management, organization, and placement services for the company.

Last month, ZirMed.com brought Preston Osborne on board to develop and execute its corporate identity, marketing and public relations programs.

"Preston Osborne has very quickly captured for us the look and feel of this new company. They will help us position ourselves in a very competitive national market," Freeman said.


John Freeman
Executive Vice President
(502) 473-7709

Nancy Wiser
Vice President
Preston Osborne
(606) 231-7711

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