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Offers unique client saving opportunity

November 1, 1999

Louisville, KY. – With the continuation of mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations in the business environment, DICKEN Enterprises, Inc. offers transition employee conversions to consulting for client companies. By providing client’s assistance with budgeting of human resources, Ken Dicken, founder and president, views this option a real cost savings and future positioning for his clients. Mr. Dicken said, "by freeing full time positions currently occupied by employees in transition while the consolidation is completed, the client company can focus on recruiting the human resources needed after the merger activities are done." Since DICKEN offers displaced personnel, full time consultant status with full portfolio of associate benefits, the conversion option of human resources becomes a unique Win-Win situation.

As the Year 2000 bug crisis ends, the mass build up of Information Technology human resources requirement will also end. While some will be used in new development projects, many will be released from their companies. Mr. Dicken believes his company will be in an excellent position to offer consulting opportunities to these displaced IT resources that meet the personality and behavioral strict qualifications of DICKEN.

DICKEN Enterprises, Inc. is in the consulting industry specializing in temporary assignments of national quality consulting services, at a competitive rate, to the administrative support business disciplines of client organizations.

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For More Information Contact:

DICKEN Enterprises, Inc.
5723 Moser Farm Road
Prospect, KY 40059-0802
Tel: 502-905-1924
FAX: 502-327-8566
Internet: Communications@dicken.com

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